My interest in Entertainment photography started 22 years ago. It started because of a group called CARNAVAL MAGIC. They played in the Showboat at Butlins (Funcoast World) Skegness and are four of the most talented musicians you could ever wish to meet and I wanted to be part of that. However, I can not play an instrument (although I am thinking of learning to play the guitar or Keys!!!). I can't sing and I most certainly cannot dance, so I thought I would use the skill I have as a Photographer to still be part of the entertainment world.

Below you will find a few slide shows containing a few promotional photographs that were available at the time, photographs taken of Carnaval Magic in the Showboat at Butlins Funcoast World Skegness in 1997, a photograph taken at a reunion gig which took place in Skegness at The Vine Hotel back in June 2007 and a photograph taken this year (April 2016) at Southview Hotel, Skegness at a reunion gig for my wife's 30th Birthday Party and our 5th Wedding anniversary, where a good time was had by all.

The promotional photographs have been kindly provided by our friends and fellow Carnaval Magic Fans Tony & Julie Prentice. 

We live in hope that there will be further reunion gigs in the future.

Slide Shows - Carnaval Magic